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About Us
Kouzehkanani sulfate plant began its activity in the field of producing sodium sulfate in 1971. Upon the activity and increase in production and distribution of a wide variety of chemical substarces, the former name was changed to GIVANSHIMI CO. ,Ltd. in 1998.
The target is producing and distributing chemical and mineral used in various industries such as domesticated animal, birds and fish, food, pesticide, chemical fertilizer, water filtration, crystal, match factory , tile and ceramics and etc. In an attempt to achieve our target , the main policy of this company is improvement in the quality of products and innovation in the method of production which leads increase in the outpouts of those industries connected to our produced chemical and subtances. After years of successful experience in satisfying domestic industries, it is greal honour the GIVANSHIMI Co. ,Ltd.
Has been active and playing a part in the international markets as well. We owe such success all to years of hard work. ...